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Tailormade InteriorVastu Formula

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  • How to increase your child’s focus while studying by 10X
  • Learn a simple TailorMade InteriorVastu Formula that does not require any technical knowledge
  • How to reorient the study desk for best results as per your child’s strengths and weaknesses without making any construction changes


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India’s only Vastu Expert who is also an Architect

Consulted over 1800+ Families in the Last 2 Years
Taught Tailormade InteriorVastu Formula to over 300+ Architects & Interior Designers

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The TailorMade InteriorVastu Formula For Your Child’s Study

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  • Slow grasping Power

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Meet Your Vastu Coach

Ar. Savii E Barroliya

Savii is India’s only Vastu Expert who is also an Architect. She consulted over 1800+ Families in the last 2 years. She taught Tailormade InteriorVastu Formula to over 300+ Architects & Interior Designers.
I’m on a MISSION To Help 1 Million Families To Get Solutions To Their Pressing Problems NATURALLY Through The Unique TailorMade InteriorVastu Formula

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5 Secret Tips For Having Positive Vibes In Your Bedroom ₹999/-

3 Vaastu Tips To Grab More Opportunities To Attract Wealth That Are Aligned To Your Financial Goals ₹999/-

Unravel The Most Common Mistake Found With Study And Work Desks ₹999/-

5 Powerful Tips To Enhance Relationship With Spouse ₹999/-

Effective Hacks To Manage Excessive Expenditure ₹999/-

3 Quick Tips For Financial Opportunities ₹999/-

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Yes absolutely.

Yes, absolutely! The basic Vastu tips remain the same irrespective of the country you live in.

As you can guess by the name, this formula combines Vastu and Interior Principles and customises it as per a Person’s nature/ behaviour/ problem area to get the right results without making major changes.

The webinar would cover the TailorMade InteriorVastu Formula to-

– help you understand how to align your child’s study desk as per his strengths and weaknesses in your house to get the best results.

– Interactive Q and A session for your Vastu queries

This will be an online webinar conducted over Zoom.

As soon as you register, you would receive a Whatsapp Message from us on your registered Number. All the details will be shared over Whatsapp.

You will receive the Bonus at the end of the Live Webinar

The fee is just to make sure to get a commitment from you that you will be there. It is not the value of the webinar. Attend the program and understand the value yourself.

This is a live interactive session conducted by Savii. So no live recording will be provided.

You can drop us a WhatsApp message at +91 8923127508

Yes you may attend it again at a later date.

A compass app on your phone, an open mind and a book to take a lot of notes.